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2.3 inch Rage EXTREME 4 Blade Broadhead Arrow, 2 Pack

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Product Description

2.3 inch Rage EXTREME 4 Blade Broadhead Arrow, 2 Pack.


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Designed to produce the enormous entry and exit wounds required for extreme blood trails, the Rage X-Treme 4-blade leaves nothing to chance. Combining a streamlined black anodize aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule with fixed and movable blades to deliver total cutting surfaces in excess of over 3.1-INCHES this head delivers extreme blood trails. The .030 thick single-piece, 7/8 cut-on-contact tip and two double-bevel .035 expandable wing blades that span 2.3-inches across administer massive tissue damage for better blood trails and quicker kills, with exceptional penetration and durability. Like all Rage broadheads the new X-Treme 4-blade features Rages exclusive Slip Cam technology for reliable blade deployment and Shock Collar blade retention system for dependable blade containment prior to impact. Each pack of two broadheads includes a second set of red high energy Shock Collars to meet the demands of todays highest energy bows and crossbows.