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Legacy Release by Scott Archery with Dual-Caliper Release

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Product Description

Legacy Release by Scott Archery with Dual-Caliper Release.


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Brand:Scott Archery

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Backed by nearly 40 years of innovation, the Scott Archery Legacy Bow Release delivers superior performance with a host of features. The Legacy is a dual-caliper release equipped with the NCS connector strap that allows you to customize the length to your specific needs. The auto closing HyperJaw design equalizes pressure on the loop and delivers a clean release with the least amount of torque on it during the shot. A clean release is equally important whether youre surrounded by tournament crowds or the quiet of autumn woods; you want the most from your archery equipment so you can hit your target. With the proven Scott caliper roller sear design, you can be confident when you take the shot without feeling any travel in the trigger. The trigger sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your shooting style. The leather buckle strap provides elite comfort with full adjustability to provide an easily repeated anchor. The Legacy offers superior comfort, adjustability, and a smooth release that ensures your arrow flies straight to your target.