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Red Synapse Hammer Throw Release by Tru Fire

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Red Synapse Hammer Throw Release by Tru Fire.


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The new Tru-Fire Synapse thumb-button release with true double-sear operation features a broad range of adjustments that allow it to be perfectly customized to any archers liking. Built on the platform of a weighted brass handle with an anodized aluminum cover, the Synpase allows users the choice of two finger extensionsa hook that wraps the ring finger for a 3-finger configuration as well as a fourth-finger extension. The internal stainless steel components are precision milled for exceptionally crisp operation and flawless cocking of the trigger activation lever. The thumb button is multi-position configurable, with lockable adjustments for trigger travel and trigger tension. The trigger pressure is adjustable from a range of 1.25 to 20 ounces without the need to change springs or disassemble the release. The feature-packed Synapse handheld release is available in five color choicesred, blue, green, orange and silver