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Hydration Pack Bladder, Strong Premium Material Water Bladder

SKU: D0102HEC1NG-1.5L100Available Order Processed Within 24 Hours

Product Description

Hydration Pack Bladder, Strong Premium Material Water Bladder.


Tests: passing Pneumatic pressure test,24 hour swing test and 24 hour vibration test

LARGE OPENING :The bladder is equipped with a large opening, which makes it very easy to collect, fill and replenish

leak proof design: Double solder seal design ensures leak proof of water bag, automatic shut-off valve, no leakage even if the pipe falls off accidentally

Application: our bladder are perfect for camping, hiking, biking, running, mountaineering, backpacking, hunting and skiing, and any other outdoor sports you like




Benefits Of Using Water Bladder

The Water Bladder can replenish a small amount of water for many times in time. As we all know, you can't drink at one time during exercise, because drinking a lot of water instantly can easily cause a huge burden on the heart. Scientific research has found that the best way for people to replenish water during exercise is to drink an appropriate amount of water every 15-20 minutes. If the traditional water bottle is used to fill water, it is difficult to this frequency. Because you have to stop, take out the water bottle, open the lid, take a drink, screw on the lid, and take it back. This series of actions is repeated every 15-20 minutes. I think most people can't stick to it. And the water bag just makes drinking water easier at this point. Every 15 minutes, take a sip from the hose. Convenient, and control the amount of drinking water.So, if you are an outdoor sports enthusiast, you must choose to bring a water bladder.